Dendrochronology: Martin Bridge

May 2023 - leaving UCL Institue of Archaeology (now Honorary member) and continuing with Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory.

It is always difficult to keep up to date with all the reports produced, and so I've added this page to give a flavour of what is going on!

A 3-year project for Historic England took place a few years back - looking at the potential for elm dendrochronology - the results are appearing in individual site reports for the buildings looked at, and a paper summarising the results has been published in Vernacular Architecture.

Many jobs on the go, but currently involved in the Stratfire project - dating buildings in Stratford Upon Avon (Warwickshire) and theri relationship to major historic fires in the town

I've only listed the EH/HE reports - I've done so many now for Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory that it would take too long to keep up with them all - but the results get published annually in Vernacular Architecture.