Dendrochronology: Martin Bridge

It is always difficult to keep up to date with all the reports produced, and so I've added this page to give a flavour of what is going on!

March 2015 - Tollesbury Hall, Essex - using Bayesian modelling through OxCal - the felling date range for the timbers used has been found to be 1265-72 - confirming the dates suggested by building historians.

Also in March (or was it February?) - I dated two phases of Ashdon Street Farmhouse, Ashdon, Essex - particularly exciting because one phase was ELM - so rarely previously dated (I think this is the first for about 25 years that has managed to date this awkward species).

April - working with my business partner Dan Miles on the Great Hall, Christ Church, Oxford, and the Queen's House, Tower of London.

I've only listed the EH/HE reports - I've done so many now for Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory that it would take too long to keep up with them all - but the results get published annually in Vernacular Architecture.